Why You Need Both Dubsado and ClickUp

It’s time we introduce you to our favorite project management tool and tell you all about why you need both Dubsado and ClickUp.

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As an intrapreneur, you really can’t be shocked that TBH services naturally integrate well with one another, now can you? 😉🙊 

We just went through a deep dive on all things Dubsado — not only did we cover the five ways to maximize your Dubsado on your own (pssst, there’s a freebie in there) but we also did an entire walkthrough on the five-week Dubsado Flow & Go Service andddd shared a case study from one of our fab clients. 

It’s time to move along and introduce you to this integrator’s other lover, ClickUp. Once you’re done reading here, you’ll see for yourself how Dubsado and ClickUp are truly a match made in entrepreneurial heaven. 

First of all, what is ClickUp?

Clickup is a project management platform that allows you to keep tabs on your business by giving you multiple perspectives into the who, what, where, when and why of each and every moving piece within your business — both client facing and on the backend! 

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You’re probably familiar with one of the following PM tools: 

  • Trello
  • Monday.com
  • Asana
  • Notion
  • Todolist
  • Basecamp
  • Airtable

Need I say more? I’m here to argue and prove that ClickUp is the best project management system of them all. I’m really not just biased — if you know my back story, you know I have been getting down with systems since day one. 

I’m not saying that these platforms aren’t good… they are, but they’re not the best. The biggest differentiator with ClickUp is that it is soooo much more than just a PM tool. I’m all about efficiency and consolidating as much as possible. ClickUp just so happens to have everything you need in one app. 

The Difference Between Dubsado and ClickUp 

Dubsado and ClickUp are the top two platforms TBH couldn’t thrive without, and believe me when I say they are perfect for eachother.

Dubsado is the customer/client relationship management (CRM) platform, which is client facing. Within Dubsado, new leads are tracked, proposals, contracts and invoices are sent, and client questionnaires and forms can be sent, completed, and easily housed. Dubsado is the one initiating the relationship and keeping those clients and customers feeling special and top of mind.

ClickUp is the project management (PM) platform, which is rear facing, (though it can be and oftentimes is client facing)! It’s definitely much more than just a PM platform as it offers process management, task management, time management, integrations, complete customization, and collaboration with reporting. ClickUp is what keeps the whole relationship together. 

Can you see how this makes for a perfect pair?

Think of Dubsado and ClickUp like Rachel and Monica — you can but really shouldn’t have one without the other.

Why You Really Need Both 

Here at TBH, we like to say we keep clients happy and team platforms lean. MEANING, as a business owner, we all have a handful of platforms we depend on day in and day out (website, email, PM, CRM, schedulers, social platforms, etc). 

What we try to do is slim down the “access fat” (AKA: all the unnecessary subscriptions) so your business is operating at its best and you get to save some money!

You need both because both equally matter and play off of one another.

If you were to ask me for my suggestion on how to streamline your business, I would say to start with setting up Dubsado first and really nailing down your client experience. Once this is in place, it makes for a much more streamlined and (easier) build of your project management system. 

I mean, it makes sense… you can’t build out organized projects if you haven’t clearly onboarded your clients to begin with, right? Your customers and clients should be your top priority always

But how do the two integrate? 

Ohhh, my favorite part… integration. 😎 

One word, six letters. 

Z a p i e r

While we can’t give away all our secrets, we can say that Zapier is one of the few that made the list of platforms we can’t function properly without. 

When you want to make either leads or paid-and-booked projects that are in Dubsado appear in ClickUp as a “new task” or list with tailored templates that will automatically apply all of the who, what, where, when, and whys to keep your client experience seamless and effective, it could all be ready to go at the click of a Zap

Still like, what? 

It’s okay if you’re still confused about what all these little integrations mean. That’s entirely why I’m here; HOWEVER, you can’t let your confusion hold you back from realizing these systems are an essential part in running a successful business. I’m all for playin games and havin fun, but it’s also my job to shoot it straight and let you know what I know needs to get done and should be improved upon. 

I say… It’s time for some ClickUp StraightUp! 

Go ahead and sign up for ClickUp here if you don’t have an account already. It’s free forever if you want it to be. No credit card required. It’s worth your time to take a look and explore it for yourself… but when you’re ready to get surrrious about leveling up, you can schedule a call here.


Any Trello fans reading this? Hear from a former die-hard Trello fan and find out why they decided to make the shift to ClickUp.

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