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There are people that find themselves scrolling through socials, unintentionally shopping those (insanely accurate) targeted ads or (endless, but addicting to watch) influencer stories, or perhaps passing time by pinning interior design inspo on their dream home board…  And then, there are the very select few — one might even say, a rare breed — […]

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There are people that find themselves scrolling through socials, unintentionally shopping those (insanely accurate) targeted ads or (endless, but addicting to watch) influencer stories, or perhaps passing time by pinning interior design inspo on their dream home board… 

And then, there are the very select few — one might even say, a rare breed — that catches a glimpse of a random CRM (customer relationship management) tool through a random stranger’s IG story and finds themselves looking into it because they think it would be fun to learn. 

🙋‍♀️Hi, it’s me. 

Yep, that’s basically how my love story began with Dubsado. It truly was love at first sight. (Okay, kind-of kidding. But, forreal. I love this platform) and I’m going to walk you through what this platform is all about and how it can change the game for your business.

Let’s Start With A Little Context: What is Dubsado? 

Dubsado is my #1 recommended software for client relationship management. You can send invoices, get contracts e-signed, create workflows, share client portals… the list goes on. This is the golden ticket to a professional client onboarding and offboarding experience. 

My personal favorite feature? Sending a proposal, contract, and project invoice all in one swoop! The prospective client can effortlessly maneuver through the process of reviewing and approving the proposal, reviewing and signing the contract and then, paying their deposit invoice — all without switching tabs!

Hear me out and don’t freak — Some people hear the word “automated” and immediately think there is no thought process that goes into whatever aspect of the client experience we are trying to automate. 

That’s a big load of crap. 
Can you automatically send emails and invoices based on the service type your client has signed up for? YES. Do you have to sound like an automated robot while doing so? NO.

You have the chance to manually approve each and every step of the workflow that you choose. This is GREAT for adding personal touches to canned emails, BUT the majority of the work is done for you, which is the whole point of automating in the first place, right?! The canned emails are loaded and ready to go, and if you choose, you can edit accordingly and fire away when you’re ready.

If that doesn’t sound dreamy to you, IDK what will. 

Dubsado has the capabilities to be tailored to each entrepreneur’s personal style and client experience preferences. It can be everything you want it to be and nothing that you don’t. 👏🏻

An Integrator’s Perfect Match: How I Started Implementing Dubsado in my Own Business

So, once I totally owned my nerdy nature and started looking into all things Dubsado, I became obsessed with the functionality, flexibility, and efficiency of this software. I wanted to know every little thing about it so I could take full advantage of its possibilities. Hello, you’re talking to the woman who is naturally a maker of all the lists and implementer of all the systems

It didn’t take me long to realize the potential that this software could easily bring for people in business — if only they knew how to utilize it.

How I Learned to Navigate The Entire Suite of Business Tools Within Dubsado

One might say I’m a little overbearing when it comes to things I want to know how to do. I’m the type of gal that once interested, you betcha I’m going to get to the bottom of it — like immediately. So, that trait definitely played into my deep-rooted comprehension of the platform. 

Learning the ins and outs of Dubsado involved a lottttt of trial and error as well as counsel from other users. (🙌🏼 Thank you, Dubsado Facebook Community. More on this in a bit). 

To put it simply, I submerged myself in every credible video tutorial I could find on YouTube (and probably even some not-so credible ones), sought out help and got answers to my questions through the Dubsado Facebook group, and researched, researched, and even researched a little bit more. 
As I was self-educating on #allthethings, I applied this new profound knowledge to my own Dubsado suite. The results we’re quite alarming…

The best part… I just had to set it up once. 

Now, it was just a matter of Rinse and Repeat

… And then, I had an undeniable conviction. I knew I HAD to help other business owners stop spinning their wheels on trivial tasks and start achieving their biggest goals. It was time to share my love affair with others.

I Can Go Ahead and Tell You Right Now, You Can Do Better.

– Your (CRM) Customer Relationship Management Needs an Upgrade

Yes, it’s true. If this were a matter of dating, we’d all be saying you deserve better, honeyyy! But I get it — you can’t love what you don’t know about. 

You are just a passionate business owner that wants to bring your clients and customers the very best product(s) or service(s). You’re not some nerdy integrator like muah but that’s okay. I partner with people like you and learn the ins and outs of your business so I can create sustainable systems and business practices for you that will grow your brand for years and years to come. 

After all, it only takes one set up. 😍

Let’s Hook You Up, girl! 

You know how your friends urge you to go on that blind date by saying “Hey, what do you have to lose? Worst come to worst, you get a free dinner out of it!” (Sorry, boys. Truth hurts. 😬)

I swear I’m going somewhere with this… 

Trying out Dubsado is no different from that blind date. Signing up for Dubsado costs you nothing. NADA. 0 dollars and 0 cents. (Yes, you read that right!) No credit card required until you have over THREE projects underway!

Once you make it to the third project (or shall I say third date 😉), I’m confident you’ll be falling head over heels for your new and improved CRM. ❤️

To getting sh*t done,


Download one of my all-time favorite TBH freebies, 10 Ways to Make Dubsado Your Best Employee.

STEP 2: 
The Dubsado Facebook Community is legit one of the best resources out there. If you aren’t in the position to hire a Dubsado expert, my #1 piece of advice is to go to the Dubsado FB Community with your question(s), no matter how trivial it may seem! So much knowledge pours through that group on a daily basis! More than likely, someone has already asked the question you’re thinking to ask and has received an answer. 😎

STEP 3: 
Once you’re ready to make it official, get 20% off your first month OR your yearly subscription with my Dubsado code: THEBLAIREHOUSE


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