Welcome BACK to The Blaire House

Brooke Sager, Founder of The Blaire House and Strategic Consultant, shares The Blaire’s House’s origin story and her journey to entrepreneurship.

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Hey, I'm Brooke Sager , Founder of The Blaire House and Chief Operating Officer to ambitious entrepreneurs ready to embody the role of CEO.

Welcome BACK to The Blaire House, and happy 2023!

I’m Brooke Sager—Founder of The Blaire House and Chief Operating Officer & Strategic Consultant to ambitious entrepreneurs ready to embody the role of CEO. If you’re new or have been around a while and need a refresher, let me give you a quick run-down of who I am, how I got here, and better yet, what’s to come.

The Blaire House’s doors officially opened in 2020, and in late spring of 2022, we underwent a micro-rebrand. We’re a boutique COO & strategic consulting firm for action-taking online entrepreneurs, ambitious industry leaders, and scaling CEOs.

TBH’s mission is to pave the way for entrepreneurs to rise to and succeed at the highest level of business — CEO — without sacrificing results, success, and a well-lived, rich life along the way.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, it’s time to get to know one another better, so let’s throw it back to the beginning.

I love a good “before & after” as much as the next person.

In today’s world, we can see it in a snap of a finger during a TikTok transition or within just 20 minutes of an episode of Get Organized With The Home Edit on Netflix. 

But in reality? What seems effortless and instantaneous is often, well…anything but. And that’s exactly the case when it comes to how I went from working my dream job to leaving it all behind and entering the realm of entrepreneurship.

As I take you down the not-so-clearcut path of how (and why) I founded The Blaire House — the Cliff’s Notes version, of course, keep in mind there’s no fast-forwarding or snapping your fingers to success in life or in business. That and this is the very abbreviated Cliff’s Notes version of the story – ha!!


Long before the days of TBH, and hell even before I made it out of middle school, I pictured myself working in the legal field — (think more Erin Brockovich, less Elle Woods). I never backed down from a good debate and was often described as tough & edgy.

As life would have it, I became a young mom and wife, obtained a B.S. in Paralegal/Pre-Law, and began my career as a Paralegal. Our family later had to relocate to Tennessee for my husband’s job, so, I left the position I had working for a creditor’s rights attorney, and handed in the detailed SOPs no one even asked me for (but that they still use today and refer to as “The Brooke Bible”).

A few years after relocating and working my dream job at a heel clicker downtown law firm in Nashville, I had an insane birth experience with my second.

The scare of it all completely reordered my family’s and my priorities.

At the end of my maternity leave, I turned in my parking pass, put to bed the years’ worth of anxiety, trauma, and stress that my “dream job” had given me, and never looked back.


I later found myself assisting an interior designer/wedding planner and was introduced to Dubsado and the world of creative entrepreneurship.

In 2020, I founded The Blaire House and officially started referring to myself as a Systems Strategist and Integrator, quickly rising to one of the top search results on Instagram and working for some of the most talented names in the industry.

After a few years as an Integrator, I realized there was a huge gap — I saw a greater opportunity for entrepreneurs to have a C-suite level of support that would allow them to rise to the occasion of being a CEO.


To put it simply, most small business owners feel completely burdened by the amount of work on their plate and are unable to get beyond the day-to-day operations to truly move their business forward.

So in 2022, I went from Integrator to Chief Operating Officer in order to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs ready to push past operational hurdles, rise into their highest role as CEO, and be the creative visionary they are to their core.

Which has led me to…

THE NOW (& Your Next Move)

With multiple tiers of fractional COO and strategic consulting offerings, TBH is here for you when — and for however long you need it.

It’s time to stop feeling alone, overwhelmed, confused & even resentful of the business you’ve been building, and allow TBH to alleviate you of the work that prevents you from functioning as the CEO of your business while strategically moving the needle in your business.

We have officially opened our books for Strategic Consulting and Fractional COO services for Q1 and 2023.

If you’ve been wanting to see revenue growth without just working a lot more hours, all while having things completed and taken care of by someone who takes the initiative and proactively brings laser-focus and strategic counsel to your highest output projects, now’s the time to inquire!


By meshing the personal with the professional, we’re changing the game and it all starts now.

From time-blocking tips to my capsule office + wardrobe to setting boundaries, to tried & trusted tools, and life around Sager House, you’ll find new posts — aka COO Blueprints — throughout the month right here on the blog.

(P.S. I may or may not already have a year’s worth of post topics mapped out. Stick around and I’ll teach you how to do the same.)

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