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Alright, yall. As you’ve gathered from previous posts and this business model of mine in general — I appreciate efficiency. That’s essentially what I’m after in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to running a business. How else are you supposed to manage and run a business?! 🤯 For me, there’s seriously no other option. Systems are required. 

Although I might have you covered when it comes to setting up your systems and getting organized, there are some things that fall completely out of my wheelhouse and writing good, clear copy is one of them. (Who can relate? 🙋‍♀️)

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur, chances are you struggle with formulating the right words, too — or what’s probably even more common — you find yourself repeating the same lines over and over again each time you bring on a new client. 

This, my friend, is what I like to call spinning your wheels and I hate to break it to ya, but it aint good business. 
Lucky for you, I have formed quite an amazing network since starting this business. Just as you see the value in hiring me for your business operations and management, I see the value in other business models that can level up our work together (and your business in general) that much more.

Without further ado…

Allow me to introduce Copy Uncorked — A Copywriting and Brand Strategy Studio That’s a Must-Follow

Yep. I’m so excited to introduce you to (now) one of my very good friends, Kaitlyn Parker, who happens to be the ultimate word wizard. Kaitlyn is the owner and copywriter over at Copy Uncorked and if you know me at all, you know that I’m a biggg fan of hers. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider Kaitlyn one of my most favorite people and honestly, one of my best friends. (Heyyy, Insta friends are REAL)

But, to give you the full disclosure, we haven’t always been besties. She started out as a random stranger on the internet just like I am probably to you. It actually all started with little ole me entering one of her IG giveaways.

I had been following CU already, but it wasn’t until I won her giveaway that me and Kaitlyn actually connected. The giveaway was actually for her Email Welcome Series Package which basically is guided copy templates for crafting a killer email welcome campaign for your new subscribers. 

I already wanted to get my hands on this to begin with so when I saw she was giving one lucky winner a test drive to the product before launching it to her shop, you betcha I participated.

Can you guess what happened next? Yo girl won. 😎

One of the things I love so much about Kaitlyn is the amount of thought she puts into her offerings. The only reason she was giving this (BADASS) product away to begin with was to gain some feedback before launching it to the market so she could ensure it was value-packed and profitable. 

Sooo, the deal was I get access to her full bundle fo FREE in return for a lil’ feedback sesh. Done. No problem. Sign me up. 

Well, we ended up talking on a Zoom call for over an hour and half.

Emails turned to DM’s which turned to voice notes, then turned to texting then to Facetimes and finally, a full trip to Montana and now, forever frequent facetimes.

Can I just say Kaitlyn is the real deal. The reason I’m writing a whole blog post featuring her is because that giveaway was just the start of me trusting her with all things copy and strategy. Once I saw how legit her Email Welcome Series package was, I didn’t think twice to purchase (in full-price) her next offering — The Client Experience Bundle, which is what we’re reaaaally talking about today.

The Client Experience is basically your golden ticket for forming the right words for your client onboarding and offboarding experience.

I knew the minute I got my hands on it that it was going to be something I forever recommended for my clients to purchase moving forward. 

Okay, okay. I know you’re now like… So, what the heck is The Client Experience Bundle and why does it matter? 

As I mentioned earlier, The Client Experience Bundle is basically the only resource you need to build out an amazing experience for your clients through Kaitlyn’s skilled copy templates, Canva templates (that can be branded to your business), and all the recommended tools for plugging it all in. 

Basically, it’s your thought-out solution to writing all the content to kick off a project or offboard a project, while also crafting it in an easy-to-digest format. That way, your clients will have all the answers to their questions and understand your work process, so you can stop spinning your wheels by answering the same, redundant emails.

A full overview of what The Client Experience Bundle includes: 

☑︎ Client Welcome Guide Google Doc template full of copy to customize for your services and process
☑︎ Client Welcome Guide Canva Template to create a beautifully branded PDF you feel confident presenting to your clients
☑︎ Client Goodbye Guide Google Doc template full of copy to customize for your services and processes
☑︎ Client Goodbye Guide Canva Template to create a beautifully branded PDF you feel confident presenting to your clients
☑︎ Client Correspondence Templates via Google Docs so you have pre-written email copy for providing your clients with essential information as you move through your process
☑︎ A Canva training video so you know exactly how to customize your templates
☑︎ A list of recommended tools and resources to implement your Client Experience and take things once step further

Why I Recommend The Client Experience to Every Single One of My Clients 

Canned emails are one of the most crucial elements to having a seamless and effortless Dubsado workflow. 9/10 of the clients that have hired me for Dubsado set-up services have purchased (and raved) about this bundle. And the one that didn’t buy it is a copywriter herself, so she already had an arsenal of her own canned emails. 😌

Having customizable, tailored-to-you canned email templates as a starting point to building out your email bank is seriously a game changer.

What’s MY fav part of this CU offering? 

Obviously the emails in this bundle are clutch, but my favorite part has got to be the Welcome & Goodbye Guide copy roadmaps! I think guides like these take your client experience to the next level, but I would have been S T R U G G L I N G with what to say had it not been for this bundle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m no copywriter and thinking about how many hours I’d spend spinning my wheels trying to come up with the perfect email for damn-near every scenario that could possibly arise during my client experience journey makes me want to turn off my Macbook and turn on Netflix.

1. Book your Dubsado Flow & Go spot (before they fill up!) 
– Allow a two-week buffer to complete the CE Bundle before we dive into Dubsado Flow & Go

2. Buy the CE Bundle here

3. Block off three one-hour increments:
– to fill in the client correspondence templates & make them your own
– to create your client welcome guide
– to create your client goodbye guide

4. Grab your favorite drink, turn on a non-distracting but gets-you-in-the-mood kinda playlist, and get to work writing and playing in Canva!

5. Bring on your right hand woman (aka: me 💃🏽)

By allowing yourself time to go through the canned emails and create your welcome and goodbye guides before our kickoff date, you’ll be 100% less stressed during our time together and will have a clearer mind that will allow you to focus on other areas of your client experience journey that you’d like to elevate and highlight!

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps I laid out above and let’s get growing! 🍷(As Kailtyn would say 😉)

P.S. LET’S BE INSTA FRIENDS. Be sure to follow Kailtyn and I on social media!

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