Capsule Office Feature No. 1: Golden Coil

You may or may not know my love for my personal capsule wardrobe, (give me alll the neutrals pls). If you’re like what? Chances are, once you pursue my site a little longer, you will shortly see the trend.  When going through the branding process with Kadie over at Drop Cap Design, it dawned on […]

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You may or may not know my love for my personal capsule wardrobe, (give me alll the neutrals pls). If you’re like what? Chances are, once you pursue my site a little longer, you will shortly see the trend. 

When going through the branding process with Kadie over at Drop Cap Design, it dawned on her that not only do I have a capsule wardrobe… but I also have a capsule office, too! 

So, we’re kicking off the Capsule Office blog series right here, right now. You can always visit my Favorites page to see the staples in my office, but here, we’ll dive a little deeper to give you all the details on why I live for these staple items and hopefully, inspire you to curate your own capsule office, too!

Um. What does a “capsule wardrobe” even mean? 

Um. What does a “capsule wardrobe” even mean? 

So, you know how you have those staple items in your closet that you wear time and time over? And when they get a lil too dingy or start to wear and tear, you just repurchase the same thing? (Once you find the right pair of jeans or the right size and support for a bra, you never go back – am I right? 🙌🏼) 

So, that’s basically the start of building out a capsule wardrobe! It’s essentially a collection of classic items that serve as staples in your style. Typically, these items go together in color and fashion — it’s practically your own little timeless collection! 

Hello, wardrobe capsule/time capsule… Same concept. 

It’s items that stand the test of time. And we all have em. I just happen to take it a step further by also bringing it into my workspace. (Ya know, since I’m that much of a control freak. 🤪) 

First Up On The Shelf of The Capsule Office:

Featuring The Golden Coil Planner

Alright, can I just preface this by saying I have always been a planner. Literally since grade school, (you can read more on my love for planners and systems in general here). 

The reason I say this is because I don’t 100% stand behind many things, but the fact that I’d recommend Golden Coil to anyone I run into no matter if they are an entrepreneur, a parent or a student, says A LOTTTT — especially after all my years of planning. I literally built my daughter, Blaire, a student Golden Coil planner for Valentine’s Day for her freshman year of high school!

BIG DEAL: I trust this planner enough that I gave one to my kid for school. YES, I’m pulling the “parent card.” When it comes to school supplies, momma knows best… and the GC Planner is it, yall. 💁🏽‍♀️

Why is the Golden Coil Planner so great? 

The Golden Coil Planners are 100% customized to your taste, lifestyle, and business. You literally layout EVERY SINGLE PAGE to your liking and have sooo many page layout options to choose from! The pages don’t bleed, the covers are beautiful, and the golden coil isn’t flimsy like most planners.

Per GC’s website and true to my testament:
“Beautiful, customized planners & notebooks to fit your life.”

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve always loved planners, but my affinity for Golden Coil takes it to an entirely new level. As I already mentioned, the fact that my planners can be 100% customized to my taste, lifestyle, and business is almost enough for me, but throw a beautifully neutral cover and a sturdy golden coil in (like, the actual coil of the planner), and I’ll be loyal to you for life.

FUN FACT: I used to want to create my own line of planners. THAT is how much I freaking love planners. Then I stumbled across Golden Coil on Instagram and there was nothing I could do to top them!

Needless to say, I like to write things down. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love ClickUp and keeping track of my to-do’s virtually, but something about putting my Pilot Acroball pen to paper feels too damn good to quit. Anyone else retain information better if they write it down? Cause SAME.

Writing down Blaire’s soccer practice schedule, Dawson’s 4-year-old checkup, and my client’s work for the day just makes it all more real to me if that makes any sense at all.

I have a one-size-fits all type of planner at my fingertips — one where I can keep track of client to-do’s, next week’s social media plan, Blaire’s soccer schedule, and what I’m thankful for all on the same weekly layout.

What’s MY fav feature of the GC planner? 

Hands down the fact that I can choose my own start and end date! Seriously. No more waiting until July or January to start with a new planner. 👏🏻 I also love the fact that I can have special dates printed directly in the calendar. All I gotta do is export my “Birthdays” calendar from my Google Calendar, upload it and BAM — all my favorite people’s birthdays and special occasions are printed in my planner!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… 
Work-life balance is some BS.

Yeppp. I believe that there’s no such thing as a work-life balance — it’s always just life, and work is an extension of it. Instead of focusing on creating this unrealistic “balance,” I’m here to help you create life-fulfilling boundaries
It’s how you integrate work and life that makes all the difference. The Golden Coil Planner helps me to map out my fully-integrated and rewarding life. It’s not just about mapping out a technical system — it’s just as essential to map out the structure of your days and weeks in order to be more productive, spend less time staring at a screen, and actually start living.

💭 If you were wondering…
I’m currently on Golden Coil #3 and I’m not changing anytime soon.

If you made it this far, I think it’s safe to say you owe it to yourself to try out one of these bad boys. To tempt you one step further, I have a limited-time promo code just for you!

Get 10% off with my code, BROOKE10 through April 15th.


Yep, you’ll now have T Shift stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (You’re welcome!) Anywhooo, I really want to encourage you to try out this planner because I really think it can level-up your life (if you’re a planner-kinda person). 

So, Golden Coil Feature 2.0 will be coming to the blog soon! I will give you a real-life peek into my customized GC layout and how this entrepreneur/intrapreneur/mom/wife/sister/friend plans out her week and stays on track. 

I’ll end with a lil pro tip: 

Always plan out your week ahead of time. My preferred planning sesh? Sunday afternoons paired with a nice, cold Mich Ultra. 🍻


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