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If your Google searches and late night thoughts have ever consisted of something along the lines of:

Can I clone myself?
Can someone do this for me?
How do I hire & manage a team?
What tools and systems should I be using?
Is this entrepreneurship thing supposed to feel so exhausting??

you're in the right place

As far as the answers to your questions go, I’ll have to do my research on the whole cloning thing. HOWEVER, the simpler (and much safer) option is getting TBH on your side. 

Losing sleep over trivial tasks and spending half your day pulled in a million different directions stops here. It’s time to protect your creative energy, get back to running your business like a CEO, and let your girl Brooke handle the rest. 



From outlining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to client management to improving the daily activities that help you turn a profit.


This can include vetting and assisting through the hiring process to managing your contractors &/or employees so everyone’s working toward a shared goal.


Whether you need systems built-out, migrated, or maintained, I can help you get things running on auto-pilot.


Looking to scale though digital products? Have an upcoming launch on the calendar? Together we’ll strategize & create a plan of action to make it happen.


Who couldn’t use help creating a bomb editorial calendar, planning out blog & newsletter topics, or posting to Instagram? Let’s get you showing up consistently.

stop searching


Ongoing & Project-Based Support For The Ambitious Digital Creator

Looking to hire an Integrator -- short or long term? I got you! Looking to get your Dubsado setup and running so you can quit spinning your wheels? I got you. 


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effortless workflows INFUSED with automation

on-brand questionnaires & Forms

built-for-you proposals & contracts that convert

Canned Emails that save time While still sounding human

My #1 recommended software for client relationship management. Send invoices, get contracts e-signed, create workflows, share client portals...this is the ticket to a professional client onboarding and offboarding experience. // NOW BOOKING Q1 & Q2 2022

starts at $3,250


Monthly Support

Perfect for those who are looking for an Integrator to step in and take things off your plate.

Monthly clients receive regular communication, including weekly strategy calls so you always have a plan going into Monday. Whether you commit to 6 or 12 months at a time, you’ll later reflect back and be amazed at what we were able to accomplish together.

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3x her group program sales

"I almost had a six-figure launch which was not something I thought possible before Brooke."

"Brooke is insanely knowledgeable in the online space. She got up to speed within a week or two of hiring her and had so many proactive ideas to increase sales and marketing within my product suite of Dietitian Deanna.

Within the first month of working with Brooke, I 3x my sales in my group coaching program for women working on improving their relationship with food. Brooke set hard timelines and kept me accountable. She set up my email lists & funnels so I could market to the people who matter. She’s been incredible as my team grows and knows her stuff!"


regained her confidence to show up

"Having Brooke on my team has finally given me the permission and confidence to show up for myself and my business in the way I was always meant to."

“I never thought someone else could care about my business more than me. I just hadn’t met Brooke yet. She has been an absolute game changer for my studio. Yes, she knows her stuff when it comes to systems and organization. But what you’ll find is she also knows how to encourage you to pursue the things you said you were going to do.

She holds you accountable to using your time and energy responsibly, she’s available when you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start."



Working with TBH may

in your schedule

to achieve those big


let's get started


to achieve those


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It's time to get acquainted (or re-aquainted) with one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can have in her back pocket and make her one of your best employees.


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From time-blocking tips to my capsule office + wardrobe, to setting boundaries, to tried & trusted tools, to life around the Sager household, you’ll find new posts 4x per month. (P.S. I may or may not already have a year’s worth of post topics mapped out. Stick around and I’ll teach you how to do the same.) 

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