Basically, we’re going to map your sh*t out and then actually follow through on it.

It’s like how Meredith Grey and Christina Yang always danced it out, Unc taught us all how to walk it out, and now - TBH is here to help you WORK IT OUT. (Too much?)

My job is to bring laser focus to the highest output projects, including when to do what and how.

Although I don’t believe in “overnight success” and people throw around arbitrary revenue figures like Nashville hot chicken, I started making $10k+ months almost straight outta the gate as an Integrator for some of the top names in the creative and online education industry - like Saffron Avenue, Marie Wold, Dietician Deanna, and Kerry Swetmon.

Before long, I found myself doing more than setting up their systems, creating SOPs, or executing their email sequences, and instead, serving as their go-to for strategic advice and high-level support. From managing their team, to addressing capacity issues, to planning out critical launches, to establishing boundaries with clients - efficient, uncompromising growth is my specialty. 

Hey, I'm Brooke Sager.

Meet your match!

louisville + worldwide

COO + Strategic Consultant to 6 & 7-Figure Ambitious Entrepreneurs

As a wife and mom of two whose tight-knit family is her entire world, I live by my own values and will stand in your corner to hold you to yours.


The Seasoned Marathoner

12-Month Consulting

The Pace-Setter

6-month consulting

The Strategic Sprint

3-month consulting

Perfect for the business owner who likes to work on a quarterly basis, has a big upcoming launch or transition of sorts, or who is mindful of their budget (rightfully so!) and is ready to dig right in.

3 month Plan of action
bi-weekly Digital Check-in for accountability
Digital Troubleshooting Support
hands-on coo support & tailored to you deliverables


Ideal for the CEO who’s looking at the big picture vision but knows success comes down to the details. You want a longer-term partnership to not only get up to speed but sustain your progress.

6 month Plan of action
weekly Digital Check-in for accountability
Digital Troubleshooting Support
hands-on coo support & tailored to you deliverables


For the CEO who’s been around the track a time or two and is determined to make this their year. You know that requires loyal, long-term support to help you chase down those loftier goals.

12 month Plan of action
weekly Digital Check-in for accountability
Digital Troubleshooting Support
hands-on coo support & tailored to you deliverables



All the A's
to Your Q's

All the A's to Your Q's

Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. TBH recognizes Summer Fridays during the months of May - August. TBH's office is always closed on weekends and all major holidays, as well as the last two weeks of December.

Slack & ClickUp! Phone calls are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance. Texting is reserved for my husband, teenage daughter, and my friends that love to send me outrageous TikToks on the regular!

A favorite question of mine! If at any time you would like to add to your project scope, simply let me know and I’ll put together an estimate based on my current availability and pricing. I am here for you as your business scales and becomes more sustainable and profitable.

Absolutely! For Strategic Consulting, we offer a pay in full discount. However, equal monthly installments are available. We’re committed to suiting your personal and financial needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

I KNOW, I know it suuuucks when it feels like everyone took your ideas straight outta your head and is now blasting them across the internet and so you’re doomed. Not so! But we do need to get your genius extracted from your brain and actually implemented so you can stop wallowing in comparison or feeling left in the dust.

Look, I’m all for positive thinking and manifesting something into existence but I’ve also never seen the 5,4576 tasks of a big launch be completed by fairy dust and wishful thinking. Think → plan → delegate → do. That’s how it gets done!

You want to know the secret? Ask for help. That’s the big idea. That’s how it all happens without you losing your sanity or your love for what you do. The alternative is waiting until the day of, panicking, and being so exhausted by the end of it, you can barely lift up your head to see your Stripe notifications. 


I'm used to saying

forgive me, but i'm a mom, so

where do i sign?!

Love it -

Who doesn't love DFY deliverables? I roll up my sleeves and DELIVER based on your current systems & operational needs.

Done for You Deliverables


At TBH private pricing!
I’ll save you the hassle of looking for creative experts to hire - I happen to know some great ones.

Hand-Picked Contractor Referrals


Library of Resources

As a systems strategist and integrator first, you know I’ll only recommend the best of the best.


Each Consulting Package Comes
With the Following Perks

Oooh, extras!

If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, TBH Consulting is the holy grail you've been looking for!

You want to gain clarity and direction by channeling all your ideas into focused objectives with a sustainable plan of attack.

You have a solid business offering in place but are looking to grow and scale, through an intentional product suite, including whip-smart funnels that create passive revenue.

You want a combination of high-level strategy with tactical implementation. (You get the best of both worlds!)

You’d consider yourself to be an ambitious, scaling entrepreneur - whether that’s an educator, course creator, designer, developer, copywriter, VA/OBM, creator, or strategist.



You’ve come to the realization that “survival mode” is no longer an option, nor is it sustainable.

There’s No Room for Excuses—

A little real talk

There are a lot of business coaches and consultants out there for you to choose from, but I hope you can tell, I’m not here to mess around or waste a millisecond of your time or hard-earned money. I’ve worked within a number of businesses and I’ve never been afraid to get in the trenches with you. This isn’t glorified “advice” where you get a little bit of my time and are left to figure it out on your own. I’m there with you for every stride.

 Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you, I’m quick to call bullsh*t when I see it. Which means, I’ll hold you accountable to your goals, but I’ll also love on you and your business with Reese Witherspoon-level sweetness.

So ask yourself where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. And if that thought feels exciting but also like an uphill climb, then get TBH on your side and let’s get it done.

We’re Running Light & Lean


Within the first month of working with Brooke, I 3x my sales in my group coaching program. Brooke set hard timelines and kept me accountable. She set up my email lists & funnels so I could market to the people who matter. She’s been incredible as my team grows and knows her stuff!


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