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A beloved TBH client explains the difference our Dubsado setup service can make in your days (and business)!

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I have been dumping all things Dubsado on you for the past few weeks… so, I thought it was time that I zipped my trap and allowed one of our amazing clients to explain the difference Dubsado can make in your days (and business overall)! 

Chloe Thomas over at Chloe Creative Studio


I met Chloe in my Instagram DM’s back in October of 2020… Ya know, during the pandemic peak. 😱

Chloe was on the hunt for someone who could help her get organized on the things she didn’t have time for. In her own words, this is what she shared with me:

“Before starting the Dubsado Flow and Go project, I was feeling like an unorganized organized person. I am obsessed with organization, but when it came to things I didn’t have time for (like my forms, contracts, workflows, anything CRM-related), it was an absolute wreck.”

Luckily, converting Chloe over to a Dubsado Flow & Go client wasn’t all that hard because she knew she needed it. We had one discovery call and that’s all it took! 

“Meeting Brooke via Zoom was the reason I decided to hire her. She instantly had a personality that was so contagious and literally felt like you were talking to a friend. She cares about you and isn’t afraid to pause her work and just ask how life is going. I’m big into personal-relationships, so this was a no brainer. Brooke also connected me with one of my favorite designers. Day = made.” (Oh heyyyyy, @kaitlinfontenot). 

Before we keep going… here’s a little refresher on the TBH Dubsado Flow & Go Service 

I know, I know. I just posted last week an in-depth explanation on how the Dubsado Flow & Go service works but I just wanted to reiterate it for all my readers who haven’t read over that post yet. (Feel free to give it a read next, here!) 

Dubsado Flow & Go (“DF&G”) is a five-week training where we work together to completely integrate and streamline your client onboarding and offboarding experience using my #1 recommended software for CRM use… (you guessed it), Dubsado. 

If you send the same emails out every time you entertain a prospect and the same contracts for every time you bring them on, there’s a good chance you’re in need of a done-for-you Dubsado. But I digress… let’s get back to what Chloe has to say. 

Chloe explained the frustrations she was dealing with before DF&G:

  • She knew her CRM-related tasks were unorganized even though she is a heavily-organized person
  • She was dealing with unnecessary stress a lot of the time, constantly searching for forms to send to clients or rewriting/tweaking things to fit the client’s needs
  • She left glued to her computer, unable to fully clock out because she didn’t want to make any clients wait on her response

“Smart because of canned emails.”

Ahhh, yes. Let’s highlight the biggest frustrations and concerns that Chloe had that stood out to me. 

From my perspective, Chloe was the most timid about automation and canned emails. I bring this up because I think it’s one of the main reasons most people hold back from setting up automations. 

Creating workflows and setting up canned emails doesn’t make you robotic — it just makes you smart. 

I’ve already laid out the golden pathway to producing the best canned emails ever here, but let me just say it again, canned emails only sound robotic if you make them sound that way and they’re only impersonal if you make them that way. I totally understand that if you’re not a writer, it can be hard to come up with something “templated” that doesn’t sound robotic and that’s entirely why I just redirected you back to the golden path…. (seriously, read this post!

Automation can be intimidating but it’s not a bad thing. Trust me, nearly my entire business is automated. Chloe wasn’t turned off when she submitted a form for a discovery call to then get alerted immediately with an email from me and a calendar invite. Chloe wasn’t upset when she got a reminder from me the day of our call telling her that I was excited to meet with her. Nooooo. Actually, Chloe was looking forward to that call and once Chloe actually spoke with me, everything that she received from me accurately positioned how I treated her on our call and then, she hired me on that call. 

The only reason automation won’t work is if you won’t work once it’s your turn. 

Chloe was a true skeptic of canned emails and automation. I asked her what her FAVORITE part of going through DF&G was and this is what she said: 

“My most favorite thing with my new Dubsado setup is my canned emails. Brooke actually convinced me to like canned emails — I was someone who was SO against them because I never wanted to sound robotic, and I was known for how responsive and personal my emails were. She suggested Copy Uncorked’s canned email package which I literally cannot live without now.”

The love continues… 

“I was so excited to see the workflow come into place. Brooke was a legend at this part; I had absolutely no idea that a workflow was possible within Dubsado. Brooke was able to envision my process and put it into easy steps that eventually came together into my workflow. Emails, adding to-do’s, sending contracts. She thought of it all!”

Maybe you’re not skeptical that the DF&G service is legit. Maybe you’re more skeptical just to outsource in general because YOU know YOU can do it yourself… 

Yep, Chloe thought the same thing. 

“Before hiring The Blaire House, I was skeptical of outsourcing solely due to the thought of “can’t I do this myself?” that almost every entrepreneur faces when outsourcing tasks. We are entrepreneurs because we are do-ers. We like to do things. However, letting Brooke take over my Dubsado was just another “something” I was able to check off my list on my to-do’s.”

At the end of the day, will you do it for yourself? Will you do it for your clients? You can keep saying it’s on your list or it’s one of your goals for the year but how long are you going to let it take the back burner just because you’re letting that entrepreneurial spirit trap you into thinking you have to do it all? 

You can do it all… you can do anything but that doesn’t mean you have to

I give you permission to focus on the things that you love and make you money. You didn’t become an entrepreneur to build out systems. Stay in your zone of genius and get yourself a right-hand woman that can do the crap you don’t wanna do. 

Guaranteed you’ll get more done and make more in doing so. 

As always, consider trying out Dubsado if you haven’t already. Once you have three or more projects, use my code to get 20% off: THEBLAIREHOUSE


This month’s blogs are a four-part series on all things Dubsado.

Next week, we blend TBH services together

Stay tuned! 

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