hey, I'm Brooke

Small-town wife + mom, big-time nerd, maker of all the lists, and
your loyal partner in getting sh*t done.

Based in Louisville, KY, I’m a Southern transplant from the MidWest. And, um, I’m a pusher.

I push people. (Mean Girls, anyone?!) As in, I push you to get the important things done that you said you were going to do. I encourage you to create space for the things you’re either sick of missing out on or simply neglecting because your eyes are always glued to your screen. I enable you to delegate without worrying you’ll have to re-do it all anyways.

As an Enneagram 8w7, I’m a big personality who brings her full self, passion, and experience to the table and pulls the right energy out of you, too.

My family is e-ver-y-thing to me. Nothing is more important to me than getting to spend time with them so I work hard to practice what I preach and help you to do the same. Monday to Friday I’m up early and on my game for my clients. Weekends are for the lake, the country club, the backyard, and time spent at home doing absolutely nothing. As an integrator by trade, I believe the real goal is creating a business that allows you to live your life and define success on your own terms.


It’s not about one or the other or compartmentalizing your life into neat and tidy boxes. As nice as that may sound, that’s not how it works. Life is a constant. It’s always happening and you can’t just turn it off. So it’s less about balance and more about boundaries. It’s how you integrate the two - how you integrate work into your life and vice versa. I’m here to be your sounding board - to help you say both yes and no with confidence, so you can live a fully integrated and rewarding life. 

Work-life balance is some BS.

Wait...Didn’t you say your name was Brooke? What’s with The Blaire House?

Yup, sure did! Let’s see, TBH has a few meanings. First, it’s the name of my ridiculously awesome daughter and best friend - Blaire Sager. She may only be 13 but she basically plays the role of my idea bouncer-offer, proofreader, and go-to hype girl. 

The Blaire House is also the federal guest house for presidents who are about to take office for the first time. It’s the time right before a big chapter is about to begin in their lives - and the lives of American citizens.

Lastly, who could pass up on a 2-way acronym, as #TBH is most commonly known as the phrase “to be honest”. I like to think I’m an open book, so it’s really a dead ringer.

Think of TBH as your business’ homebase, your safe haven, your idea factory. It’s where you go right before you hit your next big goal.

the girl behind
the name

Fun fact: Blaire was named after
my favorite character from
the fact's of life, blair warner.

We are dedicated to educating entrepreneurs to live financially free from anywhere in the world doing what they love from their                           .

Meet the team
(aka the fam)

Meet the team (aka the fam)





Click their cute faces to get to know them!

social media is a no go for him!


TBH husband, my unwavering support system, and greatest human ever. Cigar-lover, hunter, golfer, and a really great Dad. 

13 years and counting.


aka donny, don-don, donald j. hey, don juan

frequently on my client Zoom calls & Instagram stories


A handsome little man on a mission, dinosaur-obsessed, lover of Nilla Wafers and Godzilla, my workday companion... I mean, just look at him!

Keeps me on my toes 25/8.


aka little bubbers, dawson john sager baby

In my closet

A capsule wardrobe full of neutrals & plenty of Anine Bing

drink of choice

Mich Ultra, always. Wine & cocktails are mostly a no for me.

random talent

Mary Poppins-level packing skills. I can bring a carry-on for just about any trip.

favorite food

my fave & last meal would hands down be Chrissy Teigen's “Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe”


Okay, I don’t even eat sweets but I freaking love The Great British Baking Show.


I've been obsessed with the birdgerton series as of late, but check my full reading list here.

all about


Transparent talk,
short Zooms, 
helping you find
your lost time


not about

Lame excuses,
The Bachelor,
when people call it Michelob Ultra

favorite quote

"love that journey for me."

— alexis rose

because seriously, i love that journey for me.

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