A Walkthrough of The 5-Week Dubsado Flow & Go Service

Dive deep into one of The Blaire House’s most popular services, The 5-Week Dubsado Flow & Go – a DFY Dubsado buildout intensive.

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Okay, I know I’ve been talking a good amount on Dubsado lately but I’m just trying to set y’all up for success, okay? You should already know by now the five best ways to maximize your Dubsado but what if you’re just flat-out not interested in the whole “implementing it yourself” part? Totallyyyy get it, like forreal. That is actually entirely the reason I have a job. 😅👏🏻 So, I want to share with you an in-depth explanation of one of our most popular services, The 5-Week Dubsado Flow & Go. 

What is the Dubsado Flow & Go Service? 

This is basically my tested and approved training on setting up your Dubsado system. If you aren’t familiar with what Dubsado really is, it’s my top recommended software for client relationship management. Yes, it’s a CRM! (See, now you’re following…

So, the Dubsado Flow & Go (“DF&G”) is a DFY (done for you) service where we collaborate for five weeks to completely integrate and streamline your client onboarding and offboarding experience.


This is what I like to call the Discovery Phase. Week One consists of getting your Week Two Strategy Call on the books and completing a pre-tt-y in-depth Dubsado Flow & Go Intake Form. (Trust me, this homework is for your own good.) 

In this form, you’ll dive a bit deeper into the ‘who, what, when, where, and why’ behind your business. I want to know who your ideal clients/customers are, all the ins and outs of your signature services, and anything else you feel is relevant to tell so we can transform the way you do business. 😎

This isn’t just a discovery for me… it’s also a discovery for you. We’ll cover everything from your current workflow to your dream client experience. You’re gonna quickly realize what’s truly possible and how freeing this setup can really be. (Literally, you won’t have to lift a finger ever again on some things!)

Remember that strategy call you scheduled in Week One? Yep, Hello. 📞 On this call, we go through each and every step of each and every one of your workflows and strategize how to create a tailored-to-your-business client experience that will WOW and retain clients, while (hopefully) driving in those referrals, too! 

After we’re done, I’m not the only one who’s gonna have calls booked on my calendar. 😜

Ahhh, Week Three. A client favorite. Why, you may ask? Well, think of this week more as a ‘you get to sit back and relax’ and ‘Brooke rolls up her sleeves’ kind of week. Week Three is where alllll the magic happens. It’s when forms and on-brand proposals begin to take shape and canned emails get built into those tailored-for-you-business workflows we mapped out in Week Two. 

Done-for-you Dubsado at your service!

Express yourself! Jk… but it is Presentation Week! Form and proposal sneak peeks begin to make their way to your inbox during Week Four.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Most clients set aside around 1-2 hours for review and edits during Week Four! It does require some effort on your part but the heavy lifting has been done. 💪🏼

You’re welcome.

Week Five is always bittersweet. 🤎 In our last and final week together, we run through the workflow during a 60-minute recorded Zoom. I answer any questions you may have and fully train you on how to properly use your new Dubsado suite. That way, after Week Five, you are 100% equipped in moving your business forward and ensuring your best employee is officially set up.

It really is FLOW & GO.

Here’s the thing, I know just as much as you do that running a business is a lot of work. It ain’t for the faint-hearted THAT’S for sure, and I also know that wasting time spinning your wheels or repeating the same tedious little tasks is toxic to your success. I’m just trying to get you in a nice flow, my friend! So, you can be on your way, and step in the role that you we’re called to be in the first place. Because I can assure you — drafting up proposals and creating contracts is not your calling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onboarded for DG&F?

Would you be surprised if I said getting set up is quite an easy process? 😏😌 Ha… 

Onboarding for DF&G is a total breeze. You can onboard one of two ways: The first way to get on our books really comes down to 3 simple steps in 1. Click here to pick your start date, pay your 50% deposit, and fill out your questionnaire. Done and done. 🥂 This is best for those of you that are certain you wanna hire TBH. 

If you would like to dig a little deeper and see how the Dubsado Flow & Go works and pick your future Integrator’s brain, you can click here to book a discovery call where we will spend 30 minutes ensuring DF&G is the right fit for you and then, we’ll map out an ideal and manageable start date!

Why five weeks? 

We started out offering DF&G as a four-week service but, to be transparent, our clients felt rushed when it came to completing their in-depth questionnaire, gathering the copy elements for the contracts, proposals, and canned emails, and ensuring every aspect of their client experience was accounted for. By adding in the discovery week upfront and extending the service timeline to five weeks, clients feel less pressure to rush through the initial discovery materials and are more likely to make thoroughly thought-out decisions when it comes to leveling-up their signature-service client experiences, and everything just seems to run much smoother!

How will I feel once the five weeks are up? 

I can imagine you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you’ll finally be able to take a breather without feeling guilty or stressed about what still needs to be done. You’ll also stop wasting so much time on repetitive day-to-day tasks which will allow you to spend MORE time focusing on what fuels your fire and generates revenue. If there were a testing meter for what your business ranges on scalability? You, my friend, would be positioned to place off the charts! 🤩 Oh, and I forgot to mention — you have two weeks of Slack support from muah, post-Dubsado launch. 

How do I know I’m in the right place or I am the right fit for this service? 

Dubsado Flow & Go is best suited to serve any and every business owner that sends proposals, questionnaires or forms, and/or contracts to their clients/customers. Don’t try to complicate it. If you’ve read this far, it sounds like you’re more so looking for an excuse not to. As I like to say, waiting until you have an established business to integrate Dubsado’s features into your administrative routine is like waiting to fill up your car when you already ran out of gas.

Don’t stay stuck and most definitely don’t get stuck if it can be avoided. Now you know the skinny on all things DG&F. If you have any further questions, I’ll relink my scheduler here. If you’re ready to get flowin’ and goin’, click here to sign up! 


Be on the lookout for our next blog post to wrap up our Dubsado series! A case study from one of our totally-amazing clients, @chloecreativestudio. Stay tuned! 

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