5 Ways to Know if You’re Maximizing Dubsado

You came to the right place because this integrator knows alllll the tools, tips, and tricks of this versatile, efficient, and very powerful software and we’re going over the five ways to know whether you’re really maximizing this CRM or not.

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Well, well, well… What do you know. 😏 Chances are you’re here for one of two reasons: you’re intrigued to find out whether or not you are already maximizing Dubsado or you might just be a tad bit curious on what’s really possible with Dubsado. Either way, I got you. You came to the right place because this integrator knows alllll the tools, tips, and tricks of this versatile, efficient, and very powerful software and we’re going over the five ways to know whether you’re really maximizing this CRM or not.

To the readers who don’t have Dubsado set up yet:

First of all, wayd? (Jk, but seriously). If you don’t know what Dubsado even is, you probably should start over here. Then come back to read this. 

It’s no news that every business should have a CRM (client relationship management tool). Although most business owners know that they need one, they don’t actually know how to make it their best employee. 

Yep. A CRM software is meant to streamline your business and its processes. If you have created a Dubsado account but all you’ve really used it for was to send out a contract, you still fall under the category of “it’s not set up.” 

Dubsado is a POWERFUL tool when used correctly. It can replace HOURS of work daily if you optimize it! And that’s entirely why you need it.

You may be saying to yourself… but what if I’m not super busy yet and I have the time to manage my client relationships manually?

That’s where I’d challenge you to think bigger picture. By bogging down your schedule with sending invoices individually, getting contracts recopied, creating proposals, and reorganizing whatever else, you are positioning yourself to stunt your growth because why would your schedule fill up when you clearly don’t have the time to sustain it at your current rate of efficiency? 


I know, that was kinda brutal but it’s true! The reason you should have your CRM already set up and optimized before you really need it is because the LAST THING you want when business starts to boom is messy, unorganized systems that make you look unprofessional and potentially, force you to drop the ball. 

That’s just bad business. 

Entrepreneurs think ahead. You plan in advance for success, for scalability, because that’s ultimately what all of us are after… right?

So, with all that said…
When is the best time to set up a CRM? 

NOW. Or if I’m being honest, yesterday. It’s NEVER too early to get your systems in order. Trust me, you will thank yourself later when they are soooo, so needed. 

I’ll probably say this every time I talk about Dubsado but trying it out costs you nothing. You literally don’t even have to put a credit card on file. Dubsado allows you to explore its business suite until you have OVER three projects.

Waiting until you have an established business to integrate Dubsado’s features into your administrative routine is like waiting to fill up your car when you already ran out of gas.

You’re already stranded, friend! You don’t want to have to call in Triple A to get your business back and running. Allow people like me to help you before you hit the ground running so you don’t have a waiting period for your people.

5 Ways to Maximize Dubsado

Alright, now for the good stuff! It’s not unusual for business owners who do have Dubsado figured out to rave about it. However, as a newbie to the software, it can be frustrating when you don’t know how to maximize it to your full potential. So, oftentimes, new users will try to set things up on their own, get overwhelmed or annoyed with it, and never really put it to use — well aside from the insanely easy contract send out feature with an e-signature opp. (Please tell me you’re at least using that?

Here are just my 5 favorite ways you can maximize your CRM. Needless to say, there is still much to integrate on this software aside from these five things but if you have these covered — you’re at least utilizing it pretty well.

1First: And most importantly, allow Dubsado to work FOR you and NOT against you. Getting started with Dubsado and setting up your automations should be the only time-consuming experience with Dubsado. Once the systems are in place, you shouldn’t have to waste anymore time, and if you are… then you’re not maximizing your experience, now are you? The best way to do this is by utilizing as many of its key functionalities as possible.

2Second: Now let’s begin with the top key functionalities you can maximize all on your own. Key Functionality 1: On-brand lead capture forms and questionnaires. Yep, you can easily integrate Dubsado with WordPress, Showit, or Squarespace. The “lead capture form” Dubsado provides can be embedded by code on your website so your contact page naturally pulls and generates all leads into Dubsado, taking them through the next automation you have set up. (Boo-yah!) The same is possible with questionnaires. If you are in a creative industry, chances are you require some sort of questionnaire for onboarding purposes. Automate that baby so your new client can get to it ASAP! 😎

3Third: Moving on to Key Functionality 2: Canned emails. This goes hand and hand with creating a seamless client experience. Many people hear automation and they automatically think robotic, insincere, and “she must be preoccupied with other things.” The truth is… the only way you ever seem robotic is if the words you use in your emails… sound robotic. If you struggle with personalizing templated emails, lucky for you, I know just the thing you need. My girl, Kaitlyn Parker over at Copy Uncorked and her amazing offering, The Client Experience Bundle. Learn all about it here.

4Fourth: Key Functionality 3: Workflows. Whether automated or not, having the skeleton of your workflow in place without having to lift a finger during the process is clutch. Workflows do exactly what the name suggests, they allow things to flow while you get to work. It’s not sleazy or misleading or insincere; it’s efficient and your clients will appreciate that more than them having to wait 48 hours for you to get back to them. (FACTS 🤷‍♀️)

5Fifth: And finally, Key Functionality 4: Scheduler. Oh, yeah! Did I forget to mention? Not only does Dubsado save you time but it also saves you moneyyyy! Cut your subscriptions costs by saying Goodbyeee to Calendly and Acuity. ✌️

So, are you maximizing your Dubsado? 

Hopefully, these five things show you the power within this software. I’m happy to help you on your journey to automation if you need it, currently booking Q3! If you still want to take a swing at maximizing Dubsado yourself, download this freebie

When you’re ready to throw down your card, make sure you get it on discount using my code THEBLAIREHOUSE for 20% off. 

To getting sh*t done yall!

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